About Us

The First Bond promotes healthy marriages and fortifies interpersonal relationships with communication skills and techniques to manage behaviors and lifestyles in the following areas:

  • Enhances problem solving techniques for couples, parents, youth, single parents and blended families
  • Promotes equal parenting partnerships
  • Promotes youth confidence and leadership
  • Promotes health Awareness
  • Fortifies communities and builds life-changing relationships
  • Builds community leaders
  • Reduces domestic violence and uncontrolled behaviors
  • Reduces teen and unwanted pregnancies
  • Reduces the rate of divorces and separations
  • Provides facts and research supporting domestic tranquility
  • Provides facts and research supporting the benefits of child-rearing in a two-parent household
  • Offers innovative workshops & Seminars
  • Offers support groups focused on social issues
  • Offers support for single parents
  • Offers community service agency and resource referrals
  • Targets low income and culturally diverse populations


         Board of Advisors

  • Bernard Koffi , MBA, Budget Director
  • Carol Silvoy – Secretary
  • Bishop Charles Hicks
  • Bishop Elizabeth Simmons
  • Dr. David P. Phillips, Ed.D.
  • Greg Soares – Web Developer